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DIY Tutorial: How To Sugar Wax For Beginners

Being a lady can be super stressful. For me, I find it really hard to keep up my beauty pace because I still have work to do. Now that is not a tangible excuse but trust me, we all fall short of this! I’m a hairy person and shaving is hard! I tried using shaving cream and I realized my hair grows super fast. I also tried using shaving stick and that one is just worse.

I went for a beauty program early in the year and one of the things we talked about was waxing. The way people describe waxing to young people is pretty scary. That is one of the reasons why I zoned out on it. It dawned on me that waxing isn’t as painful as people describe it and so today, I have attached a video that would show you how to sugar wax for beginners.

Before you do this at home, there are somethings you must learn. You must know what direction your hair grows before you try this. I would advise you to go for a wax session so you can see what direction they pull out your hair. Enjoy the video below.

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