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News: Magu isn’t the last Nigerian angel, his mates are DPOs

Embattled Kogi state lawmaker, Senator Dino Melaye has again called for the removal of Ibrahim Magu, the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Speaking at plenary on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, Melaye decried the failure of the Federal Government to relieve Magu of his duty after his rejection by the Senate.

The lawmaker urged the federal government to send the name of another lawmaker for confirmation as EFCC chairman.

“It was in the Senate that the we invited Magu,” Melaye began.

“Magu came for a job interview and failed and a result, he was rejected by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As I speak to you, Magu is still parading himself as the chairman of the EFCC despite the rejection by the Senate.

“Those who have failed should go back. Magu is not the only Nigerian angel. They should bring another person, we will examine him and pass him if qualified. Magu’s mates are Area Commanders and DPOs. He can serve this country in other capacities,” the lawmaker suggested.

Melaye further advised Senate President Bukola Saraki to desist from reading letters from the executives seeking the confirmation of nominees.

“It is time for the Senate to tell the executive that they must stop playing blues and dancing reggae. It is time to stop approbating and reprobating. The Senate that our forefathers fought for is about to be completely destroyed. May it not be recorded in history that it was in the time of Bukola Saraki that the powers of the Senate were completely eroded.

“The same executive that has allowed Magu to continue to stay in office now wrote you a letter that we should confirm somebody I raised my voice on the floor on the Senate about that went to resume without confirmation. He was chased out and they have now they have submitted his name for confirmation.

“Before we went on break, we confirmed the nomination of some RECs but the executive only swore in some and left the others.

“Mr President, I am moving a motion that it becomes abominable for you to even read another confirmation letter from the executive. We don’t want to hear any letter from the executive again until the integrity and position of this Senate is respected by the executive arm of government. They cannot do our job for us and we won’t do theirs.

“The integrity of the Senate is at test on the inconsistencies of the executive in hiring and firing. It is time we apply breaks. This Senate cannot be insulted,” Melaye added.

Meanwhile, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has released the timetable for Senator’s recall.

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