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Libya to start Oil Exportation, Soon

Libya’s U.N.-backed govern­ment has signed a deal with an armed brigade controlling the major Ras Lanuf and Es Sid­er oil ports to end a blockade and restart exports from the terminals shut down since December 2014.

Reopening the ports would be a huge step for the North African state, which since the 2011 fall of Muammar Gaddafi has slipped into chaos that has cut its oil output to less than a quarter of pre-2011 lev­els of 1.6 million barrels per day.
No specific date was set for re­starting exports, but swift resump­tion would be hampered by tech­nical damage from militant attacks and by opposition from the state-run National Oil Corporation, which objected to paying cash to reopen the ports.

Libyan Presidential Council deputy Mousa Alkouni signed the agreement late on Thursday with Ibrahim al-Jathran, commander of the Petroleum Facilities Guards, one of Libya’s many armed bri­gades that has controlled the ter­minals.

“I think the resumption de­pends now on technical part … and I think also it will happen from within a week to two weeks, but not more,” Alkouni told Re­uters by telephone.

He said the agreement included paying an unspecified amount in salaries to Jathran’s forces. He said they had not been paid wages for 26 months. Their role is protecting the oil ports, though critics have said they used it to extort money from Tripoli.

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